Volunteer Executive Members

8/7/2018 12:06:24 AM
EASAV's Current Executive Volunteer Members:

   President Dr. Gurmeet Tuli Singh completed his Bachelor of Veterinary Sciences and Animal Husbandry in 1983 in India. He served in various capacities for the Punjab Veterinary Association from 1984-2004, whereupon he moved to Edmonton and pursued his credentialling to work here. Dr.Tuli has been the owner of Millview Pet Hospital since 2008.

His past experience includes serving as a Company Commander in the Army (India) for 8 years and retiring with the rank of Captain, work in India for charitable organizations & social work, management with elections of MLAs and MPs. He is married and has two children. He enjoys playing table tennis, badminton, chess and walking.
  Vice President &

Collegiality Chairperson:

Dr. Natasha Russell
Dr. Natasha Russell is thrilled to be part of an inspiring group of veterinary professionals here in Edmonton! As a board member on EASAV, her current aspiration is to help cultivate strong community ties within all veterinary circles. As a practitioner at Delton Vet Hospital, her daily focus is helping animals by educating her clients the best she can.
Dr. Natasha Russell is also busy evenings working with her neighbours and local businesses to help make Alberta Ave. a safe and great place to live. Whilst, she does spend a lot of her free time thinking about how to mitigate issues of inequity and how to set into motion changes which benefit both people and animals in this great city, her passions are not limited to veterinary and civic matters... her other current hobbies include breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

You can catch her Ask A Vet article in the Country Asides newspaper or on air for the 630 CHED radio program -Pet Talk- .

Dr. Lisa Collis
Dr. Lisa Collis is a 2004 WCVM graduate.  She has developed a professional interest in dermatology (skin disease) and in the medical conditions of older pets, especially feline and canine diabetes, thyroid, pancreatic and kidney disease.
Raised in Brandon, Manitoba, Lisa earned her Bachelor of Science in Zoology from Brandon University and her Master of Science in Anatomy and Cell Biology from the University of Toronto. She graduated from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in Saskatoon and joined the Delton Veterinary Hospital in June 2004.

During her graduate studies, she worked in the research department of the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto.

Dr. Collis previously served as an EASAV director as the CE Chairperson and the President (2010-2011). 
She was one of 22 recipients of the 2010 CVMA's Emerging Veterinary Leaders Awards.
Since 2011, she has served with the University of Calgary as an ‘Adjunct Professor’ teaching a small animal medicine community rotation for 4th year Veterinary Students.
In 2018 Dr Collis was elected to serve as Member-At-Large for the Executive Committee of the Canadian Academy of Veterinary Dermatology.

In her spare time, Lisa enjoys biking, gardening, camping and hiking, yoga, sewing, baking, playing the piano and reading a quiet book.
  CE Chairperson:

Dr. Clare Leger
Dr. Clare Leger is a 2001 graduate from the Atlantic Veterinary College. She has done a large animal internship at the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine. She has been working at the Millwoods East Veterinary Clinic since 2002 and does all of their major surgeries. She also has an interest in pain management.

Clare joined the EASAV board of directors in 2015 and has been the CE Chairperson since 2016. She and her husband, Mitch, have 2 daughters, and a very busy black lab named Jess.
  CE Director:

Dr. Kelti Kachur
Dr. Kelti Kachur began her career in veterinary medicine as an AHT. 
After a few years of work, she went back to school to complete her DVM at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in Saskatoon. She currently works at the Delton Veterinary Hospital. In addition to routine small animal medicine, she enjoys working with wildlife and exotics.
She has volunteered as a director on the EASAV board since 2012 as CE Chairperson (4 years) and EASAV President (2 years). 
  CE Director:

Dr. Cheryl Lewis
Dr. Cheryl Lewis works at the Spruce Grove Veterinary Clinic. She is a past volunteer of the Edmonton Association of Small Animal Veterinarians and returned to join the executive in 2017.
  Collegiality Director: 

Dr. Christie Gingras
  Executive Assistant
Mrs. Smokey Walters

Smokey graduated from the Animal Health Program at NAIT with Honours in 1997. She also holds an advanced french bilingual diploma and has completed a few University courses and extensive continuing education in administration, health sciences and more.

Before Smokey began her work with EASAV in 2009, she had worked as an AHT in many veterinary practices across Alberta; she was fortunate to have worked with many veterinarians who had special interests in equine surgery, exotics, orthopedic, ophthalmic and dentistry-focused practices. In addition to working for EASAV, Smokey currently works part-time at VetEmerg and locums occasionally as an RVT at various clinics in Edmonton. 

Smokey has been volunteering in many capacities since her childhood: teaching Karate, with Suicide Prevention,  playing music, managing at the Yardbird Suite and working with the AAAHT & the AbVMA, to name but a few. 
She also actively volunteers as a soccer coach for community league soccer and with the PTA and PAC at her children's school. Smokey has served 6 years on the AbVMA PIPS committee and is currently the chairperson of the AbVMA Wellness committee, a position she has held for the past 2 years.  She sits on the NAIT AHT Program Advisory Committee and is the chair of the NAIT VMA Program Advisory Committee.

Her past-times include: playing lead trumpet in the CJam Big Band, walking, swimming, canoeing, cross-stiching, gardening, and sewing.

Edmonton Association of Small Animal Veterinarians List of Past Directors (being updated continually)

 Year  President Vice President  Secretary  Treasurer CE Chair  CE Director(s) Collegiality Chairperson Collegiality Director(s) 
 2018  Gurmeet Tuli  Natasha Russell Lisa Collis       Lisa Collis  Clare Leger   Kelti Kachur, Cheryl Lewis Natasha Russell          Christie Gingras
 2017    Kelti Kachur      Natasha Russell Shannon Wawryk Gurmeet Tuli Clare Leger  Nour Hashish Natasha Russell   Cheryl Lewis
 2016  Kelti Kachur      Natasha Russell  Shannon Wawryk  Gurmeet Tuli Clare Leger  Chandan Maan    
 2015  Letitia Chow     Gurmeet Tuli Shannon Wawryk Chandan Maan   Kelti Kachur    Clare Leger, Heather Lam    
 2014  Navjot Gosal Leti Chow Shannon Wawryk Chandan Maan  Kelti Kachur   Gurmeet Tuli    
 2013  Guillermo Trimino  Navjot Gosal Shannon Wawryk Daryl Meger  Kelti Kachur  Gurmeet Tuli     
 2012  Martin Schiebel        Guillermo Trimino Shannon Wawryk Colleen Pratt        Kelti Kachur Navjot Gosal, Daryl Meger    
 2011 Gayle McDonald        Martin Schiebel           Colleen Pratt           Navjot Gosal, James Irwin,
Shannon Wawryk, Guillermo Trimino        
 2010 Lisa Collis Gayle McDonald         Jeff Person Jeff Person Lisa Collis Colleen Pratt, Martin Schiebel, Guillermo Trimino    
 2009   Annabelle Sydie-Smith Suzanne Misiaszek          Jeff Person Doug Heffelfinger   Gayle McDonald, Guillermo Trimino, Lisa Collis    
 2008  Annabelle Sydie-Smith Suzanne Misiaszek       Jeff Person Doug Heffelfinger   Gayle McDonald, Guillermo Trimino, Lisa Collis    
 2007  Cam Friesen Annabelle Sydie-Smith  Jeff Person  Doug Heffelfinger    Jackie Simmonds, Mary Kooyman, Lisa Collis    
 2006  Max Rosetti  Cam Friesen  Jeff Person  Todd Scott    Art Cegieski, Jackie Simmonds, Mary Kooyman    
 2005  Jeff Person  Max Rosetti  Tara Edwards  Todd Scott    Cheryl Lewis, Jackie Simmonds, Mary Kooyman    
 2004  Jeff Person  Art Cegiestki  Tara Edwards  Gregg Parks                 Cheryl Lewis    
 2003  Karen Lange     Jocelyn Forseille  Jeff Brooks  Gregg Parks        Cheryl Lewis, Jackie Simmonds    
 2002  Karen Lange      Jocelyn Forseille  Agnes Tenszen         Jeff Brooks        
 2001  Stephen Lewis  Karen Lange  Jeff Brooks  Adrienne Leversedge        
 2000  Stephen Lewis    Jocelyn Forseille   Adrienne Leversedge        
 1999  Susan Robertson    Jocelyn Forseille   Adrienne Leversedge        
 1998   Susan Robertson    Janet Lees   Adrienne Leversedge        
 1997  Carol Nyeretyegona   Susan Robertson  Janet Lees   Adrienne Leversedge        
 1996  Louis Kwantes   Carol Nyeretyegona  Colleen Harman          Siobhan Smith        
 1995  Louis Kwantes    Colleen Harman     Siobhan Smith        
 1994  Deb Bear    Susan Lapointe          Siobhan Smith        
 1993  Pam Goble        Deb Bear  Ted Chotowetz  Susan Lapointe        
 1992  Jeff Brooks  Pam Goble  Kim McKall  Susan Lapointe        
 1991  Brent Jackson  Jeff Brooks  Susan Lapointe  Dan Degner        
 1990  Milton Ness  Brent Jackson  Ken Keeler  Sandra Rutherford        
 1989  Jocelyn Forseille  Milton Ness  Ken Keeler  Colleen Hauer        
 1988  Ben Boisvert   Jocelyn Forseille  Ken Keeler  Colleen Hauer        
 1987  Liza Baynton  Mike Kolla  Ken Keeler  Ted Purcell             
 1986  Lloyd Abbey  Liza Baynton  Ken Keeler  Ted Purcell        
 1985  Clay Gellhaus  Lloyd Abbey  Ken Keeler  Ted Purcell        
 1984  Dave Cartledge  Clay Gellhaus  Hugh Semple  Mike Kolla        
 1983  T. Gerrow  Dave Cartledge  H. Barlow  Mike Kolla        
 1982  S. Beck  T. Gerrow  Ken Keeler  A. Greenbank        
 1981  P. Claffey  S. Beck  Ken Keeler  A. Greenbank        
 1972  Ed Spratlin  Richard Hertling  Ian Gent         Ian Gent        
 1971  Ed Spratlin  Richard Hertling  J. L. McManus   J L McManus    Don L. Kreycik, Ken Abbey