Milton Ness Memorial Teddy Bear Hospital

4/12/2018 6:52:14 PM
Dr. Milton Ness Memorial Teddy Bear Hospital at Dreamnight at the Zoo

Background information: Dreamnight at the Zoo is an annual international event held by over 255 participating zoos, aquariums, and parks, providing a joyous cost-free evening for chronically ill and disabled children and their families. In Edmonton, this event is celebrated by the Edmonton Valley Zoo in partnership with the Stollery Children’s Hospital and many local volunteer contributors.

Since its inception in 2015, children have found delight in EASAV’s ‘The Teddy Bear Hospital’, a brainchild of the late Dr. Milton Ness and Smokey Walters, EASAV’s Executive Assistant. With each year, its popularity continues to grow and now the hospital’s capacity is designed to accommodate more than 700 child visitors.

Families who visit us will find a cozy "hospital" experience provided by EASAV member veterinarians, clinic staff and their families. Interactive hands-on displays include adoption of donated stuffed animals with personalized ID collars, a bandaging centre, stocked with decorative vetrap for wound care, and a surgery room, where foreign body surgery can be performed on a stuffed “teddy”, revealing surprising treasures inside to reward the brave surgeons.  An outdoor photo booth to record and help commemorate the event all add to the fun.

EASAV would like to thank the following outstanding contributors to this event: Dr. Shannon Wawryk and staff at the Stony Plain Veterinary Clinic (Photo booth), The Millwoods East Veterinary Clinic & Summit Veterinary Pharmacy (Candy donations, current and past), The Capilano & Ottewell Animal Clinics (initial Teddy Bear Drive & surgery dogs), Uncas Veterinary Clinic (Adoption Centre). Dr. Maria Sung for hands-on displays and Kathy Ness for her annual donation to this program.

For more details and a full list of our event contributors, please visit the EASAV website at

(Article written by: Natasha Russell, DVM, EASAV Vice President for the AbVMA Members' Magazine)

If you would like a copy of a photo collage or our power point (with music) from past events to post in your clinic, please click on this link to request access to our Google Drive or our Private Facebook Page (Facebook page access is only granted to EASAV Members). 

EASAV Stuffed Animal Drive

Each year, members of the Edmonton Association of Small Animal Veterinarians and their associated veterinary clinics join forces with their clients, family and friends to collect donations of NEW and some gently used stuffed animals!
The donations are sorted and given to the children (patients of the Children's Stollery Hospital) who attend Dreamnight at the Zoo.
For the last two years, we have given away over 700 stuffed animals!! 

At our Teddy Bear Hospital, families get to interact with real veterinarians and veterinary technologists while they remove foreign bodies from our stuffed surgery dogs, participate in various interactive displays, bandage their stuffies (and themselves!) and provide basic stuffed veterinary care to their newly adopted pets.

If you can donate stuffed animals (any size) to one of our Veterinary Clinic Depot centres, please visit one of them today!
Questions? Please contact Smokey Walters at (780)970-3728 or by email to 

Veterinary Clinic Depot Centres 
(If you would prefer to drop donations off at your own vet clinic, ask them if they can store the stuffies & contact us on your behalf!)

Sherwood Park
Spruce Grove
Stony Plain
St. Albert

Attention Veterinary Clinics:

The Uncas Veterinary Clinic Adoption Centre
The Uncas Veterinary Clinic has offered to collect all stuffed animal donations for this year's event. They will be receiving delivereries of donations of new and 
very gently used stuffed animals starting in January, washing those that need it, throwing away those that are too worn to give away and sorting them by species before our event! We anticipate the need for 800 or more stuffed animals this year.

Announcing our new stuffed animal delivery service for donations: 

Some our industry representatives have volunteered to deliver donations of stuffed animals from participating veterinary clinics to the Uncas Veterinary Clinic! If you want to get a head start on your annual teddy bear drive and start your collections early, the following representatives have agreed to do deliveries, when they are in your area:

 Alana Gomez
Royal Canin: Charlene Humphrey
Summit Veterinary Pharmacy: Alice Boshier
Trupanion: David and Lee Milan
Bayer: Eric Pasimio
Purina: Kelsey Schellenberg
Idexx: Linzi Martin
Boehringer: Adam Spies
Aventix: Tammy Sorensen

Download the 
Teddy Bear Drive Poster for your business here.
Download a 3-page informational article of our Teddy Bear Hospital page here.
Email Smokey to request a copy of the Dreamnight Photo Collage you see below.

What veterinary clinics have done to get donations:

Information for the 2018 event 
 Friday, June 1, 2018 (confirmed date)
Time: 6:30 pm - 10:00 pm.
Location: Edmonton Valley Zoo 
Shift Start Time: 6:00 pm
Volunteer orientation: 5:30 pm
Dr. Milton Ness Memorial Teddy Bear Hospital Volunteer Information

We require 40-50 volunteers!

Please contact Smokey if you can help out! Please include the following with your RSVP to attend as a volunteer:

Shifts available: 
1:00 pm - 5:30 pm 
(set-up and supply/stuffed animal deliveries only) (10-20 volunteers needed)
5:30 pm - 10:30 pm (includes take-down) (20-30 volunteers needed)

  1. Welcome table
  2. Adoption Centre: (Uncas Vet Clinic has reserved the right to man this station)
  3. Surgery Room:
  4. Bandaging Centres
  5. Interactive Displays
  6. NEW: Rehab Centre
  7. NEW: Prevent A Bite Table
  8. NEW: Harness and Scoop the Poop Races
  9. Photographers and helpers
  10. Photo Centre
  11. Runners

The hospital will be set up in a large tent. Weather permitting, some stations will be set up outside of the tent.
Shifts will be delegated on a first registered basis.
If there is a place you prefer to be, please let Smokey know!

We need volunteers to bring the following supplies:
these items will be used by and remain under the supervision of the volunteer who brings it and should go home with that individual.
If you have any questions regarding the Milton Ness Memorial Teddy Bear Hospital or would like to volunteer, please contact me at or by phone at (780)970-3728.

Smokey Walters,
EASAV Executive Assistant